bathroom furniture

bathroom furniture

The material we applied is laminated board with natured cherry wood film cover.

The product includes wall hung GOYA vanity top(1.2m),GOYA vanity top exended part(0.7m),ground standing GOYA drawer unit,ground standing GOYA base(1.2m) and GOYA base exended part(0.7m).

The 5 defferent vanity tops can match with 7 design bowl basins(FONTWIN,DIVERTA,LOOP,HALL,ZUN,BOL and FONTANA basin)

Special design,mixing the wall hung furniture design feature together with the ground standing furniture advantage.With the furniture exended part,the 1.2m long furniture can be exended to 1.9m.

Wall hung vanity top support is special made for safety using.




856125618  vanity top for FONTWIN basin?

856126618  vanity top for ZUN and BOL basin. 

856127618  vanity top for FONTANA basin. 

856128618  vanity top for HALL and DIVERTA basin. 

856129618  vanity top for LOOP basin. 

856130618  drawer unit.  

856131618  base.  

856132618  vanity top extended part. 

856133618  base extended part.


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